Arrest WarrantIf you have an outstanding warrant in Las Vegas it is very important to have it taken care of right away. If you have a warrant for something minor like an unpaid or forgotten traffic citation, getting stopped for another minor traffic violation can land you in jail for several days due to the warrant.

A warrant can be issued for any missed court date, payment, or other case requirement. Once a warrant has been issued you face the risk of being arrested after any contact with law enforcement. If you are unable to be bailed out after being arrested, you may sit in jail for several days before you are in front of a judge and can possibly be released. If you have any cases that are in warrant in any jurisdiction in Clark County, the attorneys at Gregory & Waldo can file the proper motions, make any court appearances, and work to get your warrants quashed.

Additionally, if you are unsure if you have outstanding warrants, Gregory & Waldo can check all Nevada jurisdictions and find out if you have any warrants. Don’t end up in jail for something as minor as a missed payment on a traffic citation. If you think you may have a case in warrant, call 702-830-7925 to speak to an attorney.