Restraining Orders or Protective Orders

StalkerIf you have been harassed or stalked or feel that you are in danger from another individual, one thing you can do is get the court’s protection against that person by applying for a temporary protective order or a temporary restraining order. If you have been the victim of a domestic violence, it may be wise to apply for a temporary restraining order from the family court. When you initially get the order, you apply and it is effective for 30 days if it is approved. Once the 30 days expires, you must apply for an extension which will require that an application by filed and served upon the opposing parting with the court date. They then have the opportunity to show up to the hearing to oppose the order for protection. Often times, the opposing party will appear with an attorney. If you have filed for the order on your own with no representation, you can find yourself appearing in court competing against the opposing party who now has an attorney representing them. This can seem much more overwhelming and scary for someone who does not know the legal system or has not been involved in it prior. If you success at your hearing, you can have your protective order extended for up to one year.

Once you have the order in place, if the other party violates it, you can then call the police and they will be facing jail time and a misdemeanor charge. This can result in many negative ramifications for them.

When you need protection against someone who is not a domestic partner, you apply for a temporary protective order through the justice court. The process is the same, and the importance for representation can be just as important. If an order is granted you then must apply for an extension and have an evidentiary hearing to determining if the extension is warranted.

If you have been harassed or stalked, or are in fear of harm, the attorneys at Gregory & Waldo can guide you through the process of obtaining an order for protection in Las Vegas, North Las Vegas, and Henderson. We will attend the hearings for you and file all proper paper work. Contact us at 702-830-7925 for a free consultation.