Misdemeanor Offenses

MisdemeanerIn Nevada, a misdemeanor is an offense that is punishable by by to 6 months in jail and a fine up to $1,000.00. This differs from a felony because a felony is punishable by over a year in prison. There are a wide range of misdemeanor offenses in Nevada, some being as minor as a traffic ticket, and some being more serious and life altering, such as a DUI or a battery constituting domestic violence. Additionally, in Nevada, there is no right to a jury trial for a misdemeanor charge. All trials are heard before the presiding judge.

Many people facing a misdemeanor offense underestimate the seriousness of the charge. While a traffic ticket may not be serious, many misdemeanors have life altering consequences. For instance, if you are convicted of a battery constituting domestic violence, you lose your right to ever own a firearm, and a DUI will force you to lose your driving privileges. Additionally, misdemeanor offenses can impact your career. Certain careers such as law enforcement, military, security, or health care can be seriously impacted by a misdemeanor conviction. A misdemeanor conviction can also be costly when you are forced to pay high fines and counseling fees.

If you are charged with a misdemeanor offense, it is very important to contact an experienced criminal defense attorney to handle your case. Your attorney can work on negotiating your charge to minimize convictions and penalties. The attorneys at Gregory & Waldo have years of experience in handling misdemeanor charges. Call 702-830-7925 to set up a free consultation.