Drug Related Offenses

Drug Offenses AttorneyIn the state of Nevada, charges for crimes related to drug possession or sale can be very severe.  Nevada actually has some of the toughest laws in the country when it comes to these kinds of offenses, and if convicted of a drug related offense, you can serve several years in prison.  There are several categories of offenses a person can be charged with in Nevada, ranging from the misdemeanor offense of possession of less than one ounce of marijuana, to an offense of high-level drug trafficking.  If convicted of a misdemeanor marijuana charge, most likely the punishment will be a fine.  However, if convicted of high-level drug trafficking, the penalty can be as severe as life in prison.  Additionally, a person only has to be found with over 28 grams of a controlled substance to be charged and convicted of an offense that can be sentenced with life in prison.

Drug charges, including marijuana offenses, can also have a huge impact on other areas of a person’s life.  These types of charges can tarnish your record and make it difficult to do things such as find a job.  If you are facing any kind of drug offense, contact the experienced attorneys at Gregory & Waldo to help you.