Civil Litigation

Gregory & Waldo provides a wide range of services related to civil litigations matters for both Plaintiffs and Defendants. These types of matters can be contract disputes, business formation, injury related, and more.

The attorneys at Gregory & Waldo are experienced in drafting and reviewing contracts, business agreements and separation agreements, as well as litigating contract disputes; helping you form a business entity; or representing defendants who are being sued for civil causes of action.

At Gregory & Waldo, we have represented individuals and businesses in numerous types of matters, both pre litigation and in litigation through trial. When you or your business are presented with a matter that requires an attorney, our first goal will always be to handle your issue out of court in the most cost effective way to you. However, when going to court becomes necessary, the attorneys at Gregory & Waldo are experienced trial attorneys who can fight your case as required.

If you have been sued, have a dispute you have been unable to resolve yourself, or simply need someone experienced to draft or review a contract for you, contact Gregory & Waldo. We will meet with you to determine how to proceed and will also give you helpful advice if you decide to first try to handle the matter yourself. At Gregory & Waldo we work hard to handle all matters efficiently at at the lowest cost to you.

Types of civil matters we handle:

  • Contracts
  • Contract disputes
  • Separation agreements
  • Business agreements
  • Business formation
  • Civil defense

If you or someone you know needs help handling any civil matter, please call 702-830-7925 and speak to one of our experienced attorneys today.