Casino Markers & Debts

Casino ChipsIf you are facing criminal charges resulting from an unpaid casino marker, this is something you must take very seriously. Casino markers are a line of credit issued from casinos that casino patrons can use to obtain gaming chips to gamble with. Theoretically, casino markers are only issued to gamblers who have the ability to pay the money back if they do not win. However, casino markers can be issued to just about anyone who requests one. It is a zero-interest line of credit that is intended to make gambling easy and accessible to everyone. A gambler fills out an application for the line of credit, and pursuant to NRS 205.130, a gambler is given 30 days to pay back the debt. If the debt is not paid back, the casino sends notification of the outstanding debt. If the debt is still not paid, the casino may then draw funds directly from the bank account listed in the credit application. However, it is common when the casino attempts to withdraw the funds that the account has either been closed or there are insufficient funds in the account. At this point, the casino can either try to deal with the matter civilly. However, the law is set up so the casino can go directly to the District Attorney’s office and have felony charges filed against the patron. It has been argued that the District Attorney’s office is essentially acting as a debt collector for the casino at this point.

If you have been charged with an unpaid casino marker, this is a very tough spot to be in. You must either find a way to pay the money back or face a felony conviction and prison time. Most people who gamble with casino markers are probably unaware that it is a felony to not pay it back. Most unpaid debts are civil matters that go to collection agencies. However, in Nevada, it is a crime that is prosecuted by the District Attorney.

If you are facing charges for defaulted casino markers you should contact a criminal defense attorney immediately to begin working on your case. Many times, an experienced attorney can negotiate your case in a very favorable way and obtain much less severe results than facing the charges alone. Additionally, if you have not yet been charged but have been contacted by a casino regarding an unpaid debt, and attorney can work with the casino directly prior to any charges being filed. The attorneys at Gregory & Waldo have much experience in handling these types of cases after charges have been filed, as well as negotiating with casinos and avoiding charges being filed all together. If you are facing unpaid casino debts, call 702-830-7925 for a consultation.