Can A Personal Injury Attorney Make a Difference In My Case?

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If you have suffered a personal injury through no fault of your own and intend to seek compensation, it’s easy to assume that you’ll have no problem doing that. After all, you’ll reason, insurance companies must make good on their end of the bargain, and nobody needs to force them to do what they know they should.

If only personal injury cases were that simple.

In any attempt to settle an accident insurance or personal injury claim, numerous complications can arise. We can almost guarantee that the more serious your injuries, the more trouble you are going to have. That’s because insurance companies are in business to make money. In the interests of maximizing their profits, they will have no qualms about trying to shortchange you. Once you realize that they are treating you with no more respect than yesterday’s leftover meatloaf, you’ll need to come to terms with a simple truth: It could be time to call in the big guns.

There are numerous reasons for doing this. We always recommend obtaining professional legal assistance when:

  • Your claim is too big or onerous to handle on your own. This will happen most often when legal or technical issues arise that far exceed your level of expertise. Insurers count on this and hope that because of your inexperience, you’ll accept their earliest lowball offer and be glad to get it. Don’t make this common mistake.
  • Your injuries are significant. If the negligence of one or more parties other than yourself has left you temporarily or permanently disabled, you could stand to receive considerable compensation. At times like these, the expertise of a personal injury lawyer can be vital for seeing that you get what you deserve.
  • Working with insurance companies makes you uncomfortable. It is possible that in the beginning, you may feel perfectly able to deal with the adjuster on your own. As the case progresses, however, you can quickly come to realize that a personal injury attorney will deal with this individual far better than you ever could, particularly if seems that your case will not settle without going to court.
  • The insurance company denies liability, insisting that their client was not in any way responsible for your injuries or the accident that caused them. Insurers will often take this tack in the hopes that you will cry uncle and walk away from your claim. In our experience, this is the worst mistake that any injured person could make.
  • The insurer denies coverage altogether. When resorting to this common ploy, the adjuster insists that the insurance policy in question does not cover your claim. Although you have read the policy and located the coverage in writing, the adjuster tries to imply that you are either misreading or misinterpreting what the policy says. In cases of this nature, you often have no option but to hire an attorney and proceed to litigation. The courts are likely to view the matter somewhat differently and usually to your benefit.
  • Your accident or injury occurred at the hands of a government entity or employee. In most cases, states enjoy sovereign immunity from being sued. It’s not that suing is out of the question. It’s just that there are rules and procedures that one must follow in doing it. Although knowledge of the proper protocol will lie beyond the reach of the common man, a personal injury attorney will have no problem in navigating the restrictive conventions.
  • You need a bit of legal advice. If everything were cut and dried, every personal injury case would resolve in a quick and problem-free manner. Sadly, in nearly all such cases, legal rules and definitions are bound to crop up to muddy the waters. Anyone who lacks a law degree can interpret these restrictions at his or her own risk, or they can play it smart and enlist the aid of someone who knows what to do.
  • Despite your early faith in the good of mankind and the honesty of the insurance industry, you and the adjuster handling your case have reached an intractable stalemate. You now realize that they have no intention of making you a fair offer, and the token amount they are willing to allow is far less than you know your injuries deserve.

Do you always need to hire a personal injury attorney? Not necessarily. If your damages are minor and you trust the insurance company to treat you fairly, you might be safe in handling the matter on your own. In anything but the simplest cases, however, we always recommend that you seek out legal assistance.

Whether you are looking for ideas on dealing with the problem by yourself or would rather have it handled by a personal injury attorney, the legal team of Gregory & Waldo can help. Your injuries are likely to be worth much more than the insurer wants you to know. Don’t cheat yourself out of what is rightfully yours. Call us today to learn more.